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Farrowing Piglet Scours: Prevention and Control
The first step in prevention and control of a farrowing house scour is to understand what might be causing it. Most young piglet scours occur between 2 and 6 days of age and can be caused by several pathogens and environmental factors. The most common pathogens include Clostridium perfringens Type A, E. coli and Rotavirus (generally Type C is seen in suckling pigs). It may be important to understand which type(s) of scours you are dealing with in your herd so that control plans can be tailored to the particular pathogen or issue you are dealing with. The troubleshooting guide provided by Dr. Laura Dalquist on Page 2 can be used to work through a scours issue on your farm and will help with most of the pathogens mentioned above.

New Approach to Fly Control
Uncontrolled fly populations can negatively impact profitability. Flies are not just a nuisance and annoyance for barn workers. They are also disease vectors as well as a source of pain and stress for pigs, and can even cause a dramatic reduction in performance due to decreased feed consumption. The house fly has been implicated in the transmission of 65 disease organisms- among them PEDv, PRRS, Parvovirus, E.coli and dysentery. Biting flies and mosquitoes also cause hide damage leading to trim loss at slaughter. A survey of 3 Midwest packing plants in 2015 showed trim loss averaging 9-13 pounds, equating to $6.20-$9.10 per animal. SEE THIS MONTH'S NEWSLETTER FOR DETAILS ON A NEW FLY CONTROL PRODUCT

In Memorium: Dr. Bob Morrison
The University of Minnesota and the swine industry lost a friend, mentor and international leader on May 2nd in a tragic car collision in Czech Republic. Dr. Bob Morrison was killed as were the wives of his 2 travel companions, Dr. Tom Wetzell (professional services veterinarian for Boehringer-Ingelheim) and Dr. Gordon Spronk (veterinarian and chairman for Pipestone System). Mrs. Morrison remains hospitalized and is recovering from her injuries. The 3 couples were traveling for a European swine conference held in Prague.

Dr. Morrison had been with the U of MN since 1986 and was responsible for the launching of the Swine Health Monitoring Project which provides weekly reports on the health status of over 50% of the US sow herds. He was also the coordinator of two major international swine health management conferences-the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference held in St. Paul, MN., and the Leman China Conference, held in Nanjing, China. Dr. Morrison began working with Chinese producers 20 years ago. Please join us in keeping the Morrison, Wetzell and Spronk families in your thoughts and prayers.

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