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Highlights fromthe 2018 AASV Meeting
Gene Spellman with Central Life Schiences Presented at the AASV meeting In San Diago on recent work done in conjunction with Iowa State University implicating flies as vector in the transmission of PED, PRRS and Seneca Valley virus. Clarify is a product that can be fed continuously in the feed to control flies, fruit flies and Indian Meal Moths. It does not require a VFD and has 0 days slaughter withdrawal.

Dr. Derald HoltKamp reported results from a study at ISU looking at routes of PRRS virus transmission to help producers and veterinarians focus on biosecurity efforts. They used the results of a risk assessment survey to facilitate discussion with the herd veterinarian and producer in order to try to assign risk to various activities.

Dr. Will Lopez from ISU presented at AASV on the work their group has done with processing fluids where fluid from the tails and testicles is collected at processing. This fluid can be used to monitor if a herd is producing PRRS negative piglets.

Number of PED-Infected Swine Sites Down in Manitoba
Jenelle-Hamblin of Manitoba Pork reports that the eradication of virus from the premises that were infected has gone extremely well and of the 80 infected premises, 64 have reached the presumptive negative status.

Erysipelas Season
Erysipelas outbreaks in finishing pigs typically happen during the hot summer months of July and August. Clinical signs include lameness, diamond-shaped skin lesions, and sudden deads. Several cases have been diagnosed already in April, which is something we have seen in the past before bad summers. Make sure you have finishing pigs vaccinated before hot summer weather. Talk to your SVC vet if you have questions.

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