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Hot Weather Crisis Management
Summer has just begun (seems to have gone from winter to summer overnight!) but we've already had several days of critically high temperatures to manage on sow farms this spring/summer. The following is a list of tips for managing the heat on sow farms.

Sows in trouble will have a rapid respiration rate progressing to open-mouth breathing and panting. Body temperature will continue to rise unless you intervene...QUICKLY!

What's the Buzz on PCV3?
Three species of Porcine Circovirus exist in the US domestic swine herd (PCV1, PCV2 and PCV3). PCV1 and PCV2 have been studied longer than PCV3 and therefore more is known about PCV1 and 2 than is known about PCV3. PCV3 was first found in the US on a North Carolina sow farm in 2015, but has been since found in clinical samples dating back to 1996.

Welcome Dr. Alyssa Betlach!
Swine Vet Center is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Alyssa Betlach to the vet team! She is originally from Owatonna, MN, where she gained an interest in swine production and medicine while working on a sow farm. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with her DVM this spring and will continue her education to receive a PhD while working for Swine Vet Center. Dr. Alyssa's PhD work will focus on Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae diagnostics and epidemiology. Dr. Alyssa and her husband, Carl, currently reside in Saint Paul and enjoy camping, dancing, and spending time with family and friends.

Recent Talks Given By SVC Vets and Clients

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