Welcome to Swine Vet Center

Today swine medicine involves much more than farm visits, diagnostics, vaccines and responsible use of antibiotics.

You need to be on top of the latest research, management trends and consumer perceptions. You need to understand biosecurity, pig flow, transportation, building design, ventilation, economics, compliance measures and more. You need a team of swine veterinarians that responds quickly and offers creative, practical, science-based solutions tailored to suit the needs of each farm.

That’s where Swine Vet Center enters the picture. 

Together with our dedicated support staff, our team of highly skilled swine veterinarians — 17 at last count — offers more than 180 years of practical experience and scientific know-how.

At Swine Vet Center, we’re committed to putting our clients first and “doing what’s right for the pig,” which will help our clients be more efficient and profitable.

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