Brad graduated from Iowa State in 2006, taking a job with Swine Vet Center, right out of school.  Growing-up on a North Central Iowa crop and hog farm, Brad new at a young age that he wanted to be a veterinarian and it was during his time at Iowa Stat that he decided he wanted to specialize in swine health and production.

While in veterinary school, Brad was introduced to a few of the veterinarians at Swine Vet Center and had an opportunity as a senior vet student to spend time at the clinic, interacting with many of the SVC clients.  “Swine Vet Center had a great reputation throughout the industry and their clients were innovative and growing!”, remarked Brad.

Brad enjoys multiple roles including overseeing sow herd and nursery/grow-finish health, training clients on a number of health topics and conducting research. Since starting at Swine Vet Center, Brad has been the recipient of multiple research grants, investigating the impact of Influenza, Circovirus and PRRS.

Brad is not the only veterinarian in the family. His wife Jennifer is a veterinarian in a mixed-practice clinic in Southern Minnesota

Brad and Jennifer are parents to Asher, 5 and Lucille, 2 and live in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

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