Erin grew up on a crop farm near Kaneville, Illinois, where her family spent many years raising sheep and other animals, which helped instill her love of animal agriculture. She went on to attend the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine where she honed her passion for swine medicine during summer internships and externships with several major swine companies. She also was fortunate to spend 2 weeks with Swine Vet Center (SVC) during her last year in school. While in veterinary school, Erin became interested in biosecurity research and developed projects to evaluate fogger decontamination efficacy with the Applied Epidemiology Lab. After being awarded a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in June 2021, Erin started work with SVC.

Erin is excited about her career at SVC and consulting with the industry’s best producers. Much of her time is spent consulting on health and production, as well as specializing in biosecurity for swine systems. Erin also is involved in SVCM and enjoys conducting field research with the SVCI division of the company. She now lives in St. Peter, Minnesota, with her husband Tanner. They both enjoy staying involved in the family farm and spending time with their two border collies.