Laura knew she wanted to be a veterinarian by the time she was 8 years old. Her love of animals flourished while growing up on a diversified farm with a farrowing operation outside of Traer, Iowa.

She also loved sports and played softball at Waldorf College for 2 years. Then she headed to Iowa State University for an animal science BS degree. After marrying her husband Rob, a Minnesotan, Laura took a job at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at the University of Minnesota. In the meantime, she was accepted into the veterinary school and continued to work at the lab until she earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2007.

While Laura worked at the diagnostic lab, she developed a respect for the veterinarians at the Swine Vet Center (SVC). They were very involved in cases sent to the diagnostic lab and cared for their clients, she explained. “I said that’s where I’m going to work.”

And she did. Laura joined the SVC team immediately after graduation and considers this group among the best in the industry. “These veterinarians work at the slat level,” she stated. “The SVC motto is do what’s right for the pig and do what’s right for the producer, and I respect that at SVC.”

Laura offers expertise that includes sow farms to grow-finish. Her expertise extends to the people aspect of pork production. She conducts leadership and training sessions to help people succeed at their work.

When not working, Laura and her husband keep busy with their son and two daughters, who play a lot of sports. “If there’s a ball involved, they are playing it.” Laura helps out by coaching girls’ basketball and softball. They live in New Prague, Minnesota.

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