Our Services

At Swine Vet Center, we take a pig- and client-first approach in all our services.

In addition to diagnostics and traditional veterinary care, we offer:

  • Ground-level consulting on health and production
  • Compliance audits — truck-wash procedures, maintenance of filtration systems, veterinary feed directives, biosecurity, welfare standards, packer criteria, site assessments, Pork Quality Assurance
  • Management of sow farms, boar studs and research barns — including human resources, training, biosecurity procedures and standard operating procedures
  • On-farm caregiver training — biosecurity, disease prevention, breeding, farrowing, individual pig care, grow-finish skills, post-mortem analysis
  • Comprehensive disease-elimination strategies
  • Semen analysis
  • Records, data and financial analyses with action-plan development
  • Benchmarking to measure performance and progress
  • Production-system analysis and design — ventilation, building design, pig blows, biosecurity
  • Research to gain new insights on new management strategies, technologies and products