Tim Loula, DVM

Tim has devoted his life to the swine industry, leading efforts to improve production and herd health status while maintaining profitability for clients of the Swine Vet Center (SVC). He also shares his extensive knowledge with the industry, from presentations at producer meetings and veterinary conferences to published articles. Today, Tim is a highly regarded veterinarian known by most people in the industry.

Tim grew up in Minnesota. He received his BA degree from Drake University in 1974 and attended the University of Minnesota where he earned his BS degree and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1978. During the next 12 years, he worked in a mixed animal practice with a focus on swine.

In 1991, he became co-founder and co-owner of SVC, helping build it into an exclusive swine veterinary practice with 15 veterinary consultants. He also has consulted in 34 states and 30 foreign countries.

Many awards have been bestowed on Tim, including Swine Practitioner of the Year in 1990 from the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV), the Allen D. Leman Science in Practice Award in 2001, and 2009 Master of the Pork Industry by National Hog Farmer magazine. Tim also served as president of AASV in 1992-1993.

He has delivered prestigious lectures throughout his career including the Howard Dunne Lecture for the 2008 annual meeting of AASV, the Hansen and Kernkamp lectures for the Allen D. Leman Swine Conferences in 1996 and 2009, respectively, and the Jack Anderson lecture for Kansas State University Swine Profitability Conference in 1996.

Tim’s resume is lengthy, but what stands out is his work with some of Minnesota’s top swine companies. He has helped them grow and achieve top production and profitability. He continues to strive for top production by working to eradicate swine diseases such as porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae from clients’ herds today.

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